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Noa Kai Tropical Tales Blog

  • FEATURED: Entrepreneurs Who Doubt Themselves Are Their Own Worst Enemy

    Fem Founder is an online resource where people can go to get free tips, tricks, advice, tools, and resources on just about every aspect of running a business. 

    Read their interview with Noa Kai Swimwear co-founder Mari.

  • What it’s like to Build a Business in the Age of Instagram

    As someone who is insta-shy myself, it was extremely difficult to wrap my brain around the concept of brand collabs and UGC marketing. But I’ve come to realize how necessary––and not to mention––how much fun collabs can be.
  • FEATURED: Summer Beauty and Style Products You’ll Love

    The Savannah one piece swimsuit in midnight black made the list of amotherworld––a great lifestyle blog for women who happen to have children!
  • A Tour of our Virtual Office.

    Design is a visual medium so having wall space to post our notes, measurements, inspo photos and fabric swatches is important to us and keeps us focused on the project. 
  • Lessons Learned from Traveling

    Travel was our reward for enduring the daily 9-5 routine. It brought balance to our lives. The importance of exploring the world was instilled in me from an early age and it helped shape my lifestyle, values and work ethic today.
  • FEATURED: 12 Women Share their Most Unique Experiences Around the World

    Sharing a special blog post today from by @travel_camiHer blog post: 12 Women Share their Most Unique Experiences Around the World features Noa Kai co-founder Mari. Enjoy the read!
  • Our Creative Process

    Our team is involved in every step of the creative process. From designing the swimsuits, to building the website, to hand-drawing our own infographics––we put our personal touch on all aspects of the business.
  • What is Noa Kai?

    There is nothing more liberating than floating in the sea, being one with your environment. We wanted our name Noa Kai to invoke a feeling and a calmness that would carry through to our designs. We design with simplicity and minimalism in mind.
  • Meet Mari of Noa Kai

    Living this nomadic life of adventure, working from the road, and building businesses along the way taught me to be self-sufficient and to survive with extraordinarily little. It taught me to rely on two important things—my family and my creativity. The result: Noa Kai Swimwear.


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